They’ve Been Flirting On Tinder For 3 Years, And Now The Internet Wants Them To Meet


Have you ever seen two people on the street, at a shopping mall, on reality TV, or even on Tinder and thought, “Wow! Those two are made for each other”? Well, two Kent State University students seemed like the perfect match, but it took them forever to respond to each other, as in years! Now they might actually get to go on a first date for real this time.


Meet The Lovers

Tinder-1On the left is 21-year-old Michelle Arendas, and on the right is 22-year-old Josh Avsec, who have been attending Kent State University in Ohio and also happen to be seniors. They haven’t met before but they’ve sure been connecting a lot via Tinder.



Who Are You?

Tinder-2Michelle and Josh had never met until 2014, when Tinder told them they were a match. That’s when Josh sent Michelle a message to arrange a date, because they seemed to go together like butter on toast. But like everything on Tinder, connections fade away and people go MIA.


Love MatchesTinder-7

Josh hadn’t just matched with Michelle, but with a bunch of other women too, and at the time, he didn’t take Tinder too seriously, so he sent every girl a couple of funny lines, including Michelle. Some people simply don’t pay attention to Tinder all that much, and all they care about is matching with a few couple of cuties.


Sorry I’m LateTinder-4

On September 2014, Josh had written, “Hey Michelle,” but she didn’t get back to him until two months later, claiming her phone died, and he decided to play along. Hey! A little honesty wouldn’t do him wrong, but sometimes you don’t feel like explaining much.



Michelle had confessed that she’d deleted and downloaded the Tinder app a couple of times, which caused her to miss Josh’s original message, and that’s when she messaged him with a funny, but bogus excuse. Quickly, things started to heat up, as these two realized they had the same sense of humor.


He’s On To HerTinder

Josh didn’t get mad. Instead, he kept the joke going by waiting another two months to reply, claiming he was in the shower. From that point on, the joke continued, and each of them took their sweet time responding to one another. A Tinder match made in heaven!


The Three-Year FlirtTinder-6

The joke continued for almost three years, and then Josh decided to take screencaps of the messages to share with his buddies online. But then his buddies posted it on social media and it went viral. I mean, how often do you hear about couples chatting for years without ever meeting?


Give Me A BreakTinder

Neither Michelle nor Josh ever expected the other to stick with the joke. In fact, each time they responded, they expected that to be it, but eventually neither one of them wanted to end the conversation. I mean, it’s all gun and games, right?


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They’ve Been Flirting On Tinder For 3 Years, And Now The Internet Wants Them To Meet

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