They Asked For It: This Is Why You Never Leave Your Kids Alone


You’ve seen how kids act when you’re right in front of them. Now imagine what would happen if you left them to their own devices. Chaos, that’s what would happen! Your little rascals seem to have a third DNA helix that’s full of mischief, and nothing will stop them from being tricksters. So, listen closely. If your toddler isn’t making any noise, be afraid, be very afraid, cause they’re up to something that’s probably going to take a lot of cleaning up to do.


Have No Fear, Rainbow Dog Is Here

Kids-Funny-1A child’s creativity is magical, and that magic can turn your monochromatic Dalmatian into a rainbow full of fun. And that’s why you make sure that you never leave your pint-sized Harry Potter alone with their magic markers. It’s bath time for the both of them!



Kids Love Playing With Bubbles

Kids-Funny-2If it were up to them, they’d take an entire bottle of Mr. Bubbles and have a good bubble bath until it got out of hand. But don’t get mad, join in on the fun. You can always use a wet dry shop vac to clean up the mess afterwards. There’s no way you’re going to clean this up on your own, so you might as well enjoy it!


The Value Of Money

Kids-Funny-3This little girl left a hole in every one of these bills, which coincidentally left her parents with a big hole in the pit of their stomach, and their pockets, when they saw what she did. On the plus side, she cut the faces out from each bill perfectly, so I guess that’s always a plus, right?


All He Needs As a Hat And a Pair Of Boots


Kids-Funny-4See? This is what happens when your kids are quiet in another room and your pet is nowhere to be seen. We’re impressed that the cat sat still long enough for a child to draw a mustache on it. But those eyebrows are so Cara Delevingne! We’re pretty sure all the neighborhood cats are green with envy!


Wait! It’s Not What You Think


Kids-Funny-5How can you get mad at such an adorable face like that, especially when he seems to be trying to explain the situation where it’s obviously too late to make any excuses? Oh, don’t overreact, mom! It’s just flour. Be grateful he wasn’t playing around with paint. Besides, he probably just found this mess the way it was.


Your Toddler Thought Keyboards Were a Game

Kids-Funny-6To a toddler, they keys on a laptop keyboard are perfect for playing Mahjong, but there’s only one small hiccup. Now that they’ve taken all the keys apart, can they figure out how to snap them back into place…in the same order?


They Bring a New Meaning To Sweet Dreams


Kids-Funny-7He’s like Winnie the Pooh only with a jar full of jam instead of honey. Oh, those poor parents! That jam is so going to stain that blanket, but that’s not something he has to worry about since he’s off in dreamland courtesy of a food coma. Plus he won’t have to wash clothes for at least 15 more years!


Sock It To Him, Baby

Kids-Funny-8That poor dog won’t be barking for a while. But given that the toddler put an adult-size sock over the family dog’s head, we should probably be grateful that it wasn’t a plastic bag. Now that dog is probably waiting patiently for someone to remove this stink helmet. The parents, on the other hand, are way too comfortable snapping pics and making memories off of this dog’s humiliation.


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They Asked For It: This Is Why You Never Leave Your Kids Alone

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