These Horror Movies You Can Watch On Netflix Are So Scary, It’ll Hit a Nerve


Did your friends call and cancel on your house party this weekend? Is your hubby going fishing with his BFF? No problem! We’ve got some really scary horror flick suggestions that you can watch on Netflix right now. At least, they’ll keep you from dwelling too much on why you’re home alone with only your remote and a tub of popcorn. Get ready to Netflix and chill on your own…just make sure you check the entire house before you turn off the lights.


Hush (2016)

Horror-1This one will hit close to home, because the main character is being stalked in a remote cabin in the middle of the woods by a masked serial killer. But the twist is that she’s deaf, and totally clueless through the better half of the movie that there’s someone out there trying to get in. Get the popcorn ready! This one’s a hit.



Train To Busan (2016)


Who cares about snakes on the plane when there are zombies loose on a train heading to Busan? This South Korean zombie flick will have you screaming and guessing from the beginning all the way to the end. It’s so creepy it makes “Resident Evil” look like a Disney movie.


Insidious (2010)Horror-3

This film takes the haunted house theme to a whole new level, and you’ll probably be afraid to live with a sleepwalker after you see the measures one kid’s parents will take to drive the spirit possessing him out of him. Plus, if you liked it, there’s a sequel. Just make sure to Netflix and chill along with a couple of friends and avoid being completely paranoid after the movie is done!


The Babadook (2014)


Everything you’ve ever imagined about the monster under your bed or the one hidden in the closet will come rushing right back when you see this film. Just make sure there aren’t any monsters in your children’s books or it might come out to get you.


It Follows (2014)


What if a ghost was out to get you and it was bent on your destruction, but the only way to pass the curse along would be to sleep with someone else? Would you do it? Uh, yeah! Probably! Aren’t you glad it’s just a movie?


Pontypool (2008)Horror-6

Imagine that a zombie outbreak hit your hometown, but it’s not spread through a bite or blood transfusion. In this gory film, the threat isn’t in bodily fluids, but in words, particularly the English language, which seems to transmit the virus from a radio station. It’s convoluted in a way, but it’s deeefinitely entertaining, and there’s no shortage of “Hmm, really?” moments. Definitely give this one a shot.


Would You Rather (2012)


Game night will never be the same again after you see this horror flick that shows eight people trapped in a mansion and forced to play a game, sort of like SAW, only in this game you can wind up earning some serious cash, but each challenge becomes increasingly more life-threatening.


The Void (2016)Horror-8

It’s a mind-bending horror flick that’s sort of campy like an 80’s B-movie, kind of like “The Thing”. In fact, it’s an unusual creature that seems to be attacking the people of a town, jumping from body to body, and threatening to end life as we know it. Plus, there’s a series of creepy men in white robes so that’s always a plus, right?


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These Horror Movies You Can Watch On Netflix Are So Scary, It’ll Hit a Nerve

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