Check Out These Fly Halloween Costumes Inspired By Your Favorite TV Shows


Want to dress up with your partner for Halloween, but want to up your game? If you love Halloween as much as we do, you’re probably already going nuts trying to come up with a witty costume. Not just any costume, but one that will make you and your S.O. the life of the party. There are thousands of ideas out there, but it always feels like they’re not really original. If you feel like spicing up your Halloween game this year, how about representing your favorite TV shows while you’re at it? Check out these fantastic couple costume ideas that are a total hit.


Dwight & Angela


Revolving around a paper company, The Office tells the story of different upset white-collar workers. Fact: Dwight and Angela are one of the weirdest couples on the show, so everyone will definitely love this costume!


Rick & Morty

It’s OK if you’re not familiar with these characters, but you’re missing out on the greatest adult animated sci-fi adventure TV show out there. This scientist granddad goes out on adventures with his grandson, and their escapades are as fun as they are harmful. Plus, it’s super easy to depict them!


Ted & Tracy

If you love comedies, How I Met Your Mother is one of the…wait for it…most hilarious sitcoms to watch! Ted’s search for the love of his life is told as a narration to his future children, which makes its style unique and creative. All you need to depict the main characters is the signature yellow umbrella and Ted’s infamous red boots.


Ross & Rachel

We. Were. On. A. Break! If you’re familiar with this sitcom, you sure think Ross & Rachel are one the cutest couples in American TV. Simply choose typical objects that identify them throughout Friends, like Marcel the monkey for Ross and a waitress gown for Rachel. Make sure people get the costume at first sight, though.


Khal Drogo & Daenerys

No matter if you have seen it or not, you probably know Game of Thrones has no shortage of hookups. If you want a sexy cosplay idea with your partner, conquer the seven kingdoms with this revealing costume. Your picture will surely go viral!


Chuck & Blair

As the name implies, Gossip Girl is all about teenage drama and the luxurious NY life, upper east side life. An easy yet elegant costume for you and bae could be dressing up as this love-hate couple we all wish we were.


Popeye & Olive

A show about a sailor who ate spinach for strength, Popeye is a classic cartoon show from back in the days, so it’s very likely that you won’t run into another Popeye-Olive couple. This easy-to-pull-together costume will make you look strong and your girl super sexy.


Maeby & George Michael

Arrested Development is about a dysfunctional family that goes through a series of problems after the father goes to jail. If you haven’t seen the show, George Michael is sort of in love with Maeby. But there’s nothing romantic actually going on with these characters as they’re cousins. In one of the episodes, Maeby kisses George just to get back at her mother, so it’s safe to say this costume combo will make a few fans crack up.


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Check Out These Fly Halloween Costumes Inspired By Your Favorite TV Shows

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