10 Hilarious Netflix Jokes That Will Make You Spit Your Morning Coffee


Ah, Netflix! We seem to spend so much time on it. In fact, most of us waste a lot of it just trying to figure out what movie or TV show to watch, and only a portion of the time actually watching it, but in the end, the joke is on us, because we’re the ones wasting our lives away, while Netflix execs get rich. But let’s look on the bright side with this hilarious Netflix jokes that make you crack a rib or two… sort of speak.


Hacked By DadNetflix-1

The moment adults figure out how to change things, they become an even bigger threat to your Netflix account than the most skilled hacker. Also, thanks dad, for calling your kids parasites. Remember this when they put you in a home.



Netflix Is Judgy


You know it’s probably time to get your lazy self off that couch when even Netflix is calling you out for being such a couch potato, even though it’s risking losing you as a customer forever. Then again, it’s not wrong, is it?


Worst Cooks In AmericaNetflix-3

Looks like Netflix could use a stimulant. It’s so bored with some of the shows its hosting that it had a hiccup and posted the image of another show on a reality show. But who knows? Maybe Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are bad cooks too, so this might’ve been on point.


Subtitles Hate JaniceNetflix-4

Uh, oh! It looks like the subtitles on Netflix are on their worst behavior or maybe they really don’t like Janice’s laughter on “Friends”. We’d love to see what Netflix thinks of Rachel’s laughter. Actually, we’d rather not. Machine-gun laughter? Nice, Netflix.


Spoiler Alert!Netflix-5

Oh Netflix, who picks these promo photos for your movies? It totally spoiled the ending. Unless the people in the photo are the other team, this is one movie that we’ll probably pass on or move to the bottom of our queue. Neeext!


My Couch Potato Don’t



The eyes might be the window to our souls, but it’s that moment of darkness on our TV screens between episodes that make us see who we’ve truly become. Thanks a lot, Netflix! You’ve totally ruined our lives and given us a double chin in the process.



You’re Such A Binge!



Alright! So maybe releasing an entire season in one day was a bad idea, but Netflix certainly never forced you to sit on your couch and watch it all in one sitting, now did they? Now what do you do when you realize that you have to wait another year for another full season to pop up?



Long Distance Romance


You’d think that with everyone having a fixation for Netflix in common, there’d be more matches than on Tinder. But then you realize that what you have in your queue and what they have in theirs is totally different. You might as well live on different planets. *Keeps swiping*


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10 Hilarious Netflix Jokes That Will Make You Spit Your Morning Coffee

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